Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Writing about a colourful project completed a few weeks ago to brighten up this very wet and miserable day we've had..
So my house has stairs that curve and at one point as you are walking down the main part you are faced with a plain beige wall with a view of the full height of the building. I couldn't decide what to do with this wall as I was quite keen for the stairway to stay beige as it has no window so I wanted to keep it as light as possible, but I didn't want it to be dull! And then I created the hombre stars bunting below and I instantly knew it would hang perfectly from top to bottom of this wall!

One of each colour as they were being made -

The pattern is from an issue of Simply Crochet and I used the yarn recommended in the pattern - Drops Paris . This is my first use of 100% cotton yarn and it was magical!  I will most definitely use Drops yarn again. I bought one ball of each colour and there is a little left from each.

This is the stack of them all before they were strung together. Reminded me so much of a pile of coasters, I am tempted to make another lot and stiffen them!
Normally I would block things like this but as they were being hung on the wall I thought there would be little point as they would stretch a bit anyway when they were hung up.

And the Ta Daaaaa moment:

I had to ask the other half to help me hang this and due to the weight I had to put a few tacks in the wall every few stars to prevent the top ones being stretched too much. 

Thanks for reading, hope you love them as much as me and might be a little inspired ?!?!?!