Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Crochet and Christmas

Happy New Year everyone! But... we must step back in time for a minute to a time before I started the blog.

The most wonderful time of the year...  I know it is over now, but I must share a few things. As I mentioned I am new to crochet and up came my first Christmas with my new skills! I couldn't resist trying to make a few Christmassy decorations. As I am still learning, I do struggle a lot with reading patterns and non-basic stuff but I was very happy with what I achieved in time for Christmas.

Granny Christmas Trees:
I saw a pattern for a granny Christmas tree and as I knew I could do a granny square I thought I'd give it it try. Before I knew it I had managed to churn out 12 to make a garland with!

I love my choice of festive colours. Here they are in place. I linked them together with a piece of red shiny ribbon

I looove my snowflakes! I ended up making loads to give out to family and friends. I also made quite a few to hang in my office at work! They are very quick and easy to make once you know what you are doing and memorise the pattern.

The pattern is from the wonderful Lucy here -
I used white wool with silver thread running through it to make it a bit sparkly and added some beads give them a bit extra. 

Santa and the Christmas Tree:
Everyone I dared to show my magical little tree to fell in love with it and requested their own one, I ended up making 4!

I found the Christmas Tree pattern on Ravelry and Santa came from Simply Crochet Magazine. He is my first really complicated project and he is all squishy :) 

This is one of the other trees I made for one of the lucky recipients with red bead 'baubles'

No more Christmas now :(  Can't wait to come up with more goodies next time around!