Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Out of control!

I am getting myself in a situation, there are lots of half finished projects collecting all over my studio (and spreading themselves through the house)

The list of shame:
  • An elephant head on my desk! He has no body yet...
  • Several uncomplete blankets collecting themselves about the place...
  • The start of an Owl body...
  • Some squares for a patchy cushion....
  • This one-a-day (which is more like one-a-week) granny square project..
  • One, yes one, wrist warmer
  • A monkey head (I clearly have issues with animal bodies)
  • And this little lot turned up today:

Oh my.

However as lots of hobby makers will say, it is as much the process of making as the finished product. So I am excused?!?! *Weeee skips away*